Wool and Wood and Everything Good

  • Cloud Looms!

        For holiday 2022, we created cloud loom kits, pre-threaded (or warped) with cotton string and ready-to-use! Below are some tips for using your...
  • For the Love of Lopi (and Iceland)

    Come with me on an armchair adventure to Iceland and see why we love lopi so much, and why it is such a traceable, good for you, your making and the world fiber!
  • Making Through the Hard Times

    Thoughts on making through this unexpected January, and all the days to come.
  • Tips and Tricks for the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook!

    Ever wondered why, in the age of the internet, this book is still such a popular resource for knitters, crocheters and spinners? I'm sharing tips and tricks for using it in my own making, and why it's one of my favorites!
  • What will you make this summer?

    The summer of 2021 has brought us hope, joy and excitement - but its own share of challenges and exhaustion, too. Here I share some thoughts on how knitting - and other crafts - helped me rest and focus.
  • The Beauty of a Button

    How these handmade wood buttons - and the story behind them - came to our shop.
  • Starter Guide to Weaving!

     Hello, friends! Today's blog post is about tapestry weaving! For a long time, weaving was something I wanted to get into but felt overwhelmed by ...
  • Knitting Needles 101

    The basics of knitting needles - different types, how to select your first pairs, and how to know which sizes you need for your first patterns!
  • Felting with Our Wool Acorn Kits

    Our wool acorn kits are super fun and easy to use! The kits include paper instructions, but here's a quick video to show you how, as well. Have fun...
  • Colorwork with Farm Yarn and Naturally Dyed Yarn

    Hey friends! One question I'm often asked is, how do I mix and match yarns for my colorwork projects - specifically, small-batch/farm yarns and nat...
  • Welcome, friends!

    Welcome, friends, to the online home of Needle + Purl! In so many ways, this site is really just an extension of our work and home, and what we've ...