Unlock the Ultimate (Cloud) Looming Adventure



For holiday 2022, we created cloud loom kits, pre-threaded (or warped) with cotton string and ready-to-use! These kits are a fun, easy adventure ready to use!

Below are some tips for using your cloud loom kit. We hope you enjoy!

  • The kits come with roving (unspun yarn) and core spun yarn, a chunky yarn made of wool wrapped around a cotton core for strength.
  • Weave both the roving and core spun yarn in an over-under-over-under pattern. You can alternate every 2 or even 4 warp strings with the thicker weaving fibers!
  • Keep the weaving loose, and use your fingers to gently pull up the strands that pass over the warp strings, to create “bubbles” - these can be uniform, or varying sizes, to give your cloud a fluffy texture.
  • Use the weaving comb to push your yarn and roving down the warp strings as you go; it doesn’t need to be extremely tight, but you want to avoid gaps.
  • When you are done, use your tapestry needle to gently tuck any fiber ends into the underside of your loom.
  • Keep your design on the loom - it becomes a frame - and thread the white yarn provided through two of the warp string holes at either end of your loom. 
  • Hang on a wall, hook, or door frame and enjoy!
  • For more weaving techniques and tips, see our Starter Guide to Weaving.

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