Transform Your Crafting with These Wool Threads

rack of wood spools of wood threads in many colors


Whenever I vend at events, folks at the booth always ask, "So tell me about these wool threads!" The eye-catching rainbow of colors and wood spools are irresistible!

So let's talk about how these threads!

  • Made in Spain with 100% wool, these beauties are good for any kind of hand sewing: embroidery and needlepoint, mending, appliqué, and punch needle. 
  • The threads are single-ply, and about the thickness of 3 strands of a DMC embroidery floss. 
  • While I wouldn't recommend putting these in a sewing machine, they're colorfast (hooray!) and can be washed in cool water like any hand knit. I have run mine (on my linen tea towels) through the washing machine on a cool delicate cycle; like any embroidery work, whether or not you take this risk depends on how particular you are about the long life of your stitches!
  • At 87 yards a spool, and with nearly 100 color choices, these threads offer lots of creative options! Experiment with the thread held single or double for different effects. Below are a few ideas to get you started:


Stitch on a flour sack towel! Use our simple cotton flour sack towels as your blank canvas. You can pencil on a pattern of your own, or use a stick and stitch pack for an easy project.


flour sack towel with wool thread spool


Stitch on European linen! Wool and linen love to play together - the thread glides through this fabric beautifully, and you can "color in" the patterns on the tea towels for a relaxing activity that turns into a thoughtful gift for someone! The bee towels are a customer fave - try them with thread colors 211 and 801 for yellow, and any of the (many) gray and charcoal tones.

linen towel stitched with bees in yellow and gray wool


Stitch on your knits - in this example, the threads held double, plus the help of a stick and stick pack, created a sweet embellishment to this sweet summer bag! Use the same technique on cuffs, collar, children's knits and more.


knit fabric with 3 wool thread spools and an embroidered flower


Mend with these threads! With the help of a Katrinkles darning loom, you can make colorful mends on anything - wool sweaters, yes, but also tears in your nylon windbreaker, denim jeans, your favorite tee. Several sock knitters have told me they pair a strand with their fingering weight yarn to add strength at the heel and toe of their handknit socks, too!


Weave on mini looms - these cute mini looms are fun kids' projects, holiday ornaments, gift toppers, door hangers and more.


small circular wood looms threaded with wool yarn


Whatever you use them for, these colorful little wool gems will give your creativity a burst of new energy! We can't wait to see what you make with them - be sure to tag us #needleandpurl so we can celebrate with you. 

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