About Us

me with lopi

Hi, I'm Heather, creator and owner of Needle + Purl!

We make and source handmade goods and natural fibers for thoughtful makers: curious, creative, and sustainably-focused knitters, crocheters, stitchers and weavers who are passionate about supporting local farms, welcome spaces, and better futures in their communities. Is that you? Come join us!

Making matters, and every stitch counts. Everyone can be a maker. We want to empower all of you to feel that in your work, to use your voices and hands for change, and to love radically and make abundantly. What can we help you make next, world-changer?

Find us online, and vending at local and regional events - we want to see your WIPs and nerd out about projects with you!

Want to know more? We:

  • welcome all makers - new or experienced. Show us your WIPs! Tell us what you're working on! Community-building is at the heart of making, and we're here for it. 

  • celebrate the diversity of our making community, and are intentional about protecting and nurturing healthy spaces for us all to grow and learn together. We honor the many traditions of making around the globe and welcome the cultural experiences, expectations and approaches that come with that. We don't sell or promote products that appropriate other culture's traditions.

  • make no assumptions about anyone's gender or pronouns. We ask makers for preferred names and pronouns and gladly share our own.

  • believe all bodies are good bodies. We promote patterns that are size-inclusive. We ensure our spaces are accessible, and welcome feedback from disabled makers to improve.

  • believe Black Lives Matter. We prioritize the voices and creative work of Black, Indigenous, Asian American, and other marginalized communities.

  • mess up sometimes! We aren't afraid to say sorry, or admit to our mistakes; contact us if something goes wrong, so we can make it right. Transparency matters to us. We have friends and colleagues who hold us accountable.

  • love natural, local, and small batch wool. You aren't likely to find superwash here. We are all about the truly sustainable, traceable, last-forever wools.


We can't wait to help you find your next project!


     me and 3 friends at Wayland Winter Fiber Market