Sample Knitters

Are you interested in being a sample knitter for Needle + Purl? Check out the below information, and complete an application for us to review!

Who you are:

  • Detail-oriented, proficient knitter
  • Able to work within deadlines
  • A great communicator, comfortable with staying in touch
  • Independent learner of new skills if needed
  • Friendly, collaborative
  • Loves rustic wool and small-batch farm yarns
  • A US resident (you don't have to be local to us, but it's easier to ship yarn and finished objects back and forth within the continental US)

What sample knitting is:

  • Sample knitting is providing a finished example, or sample, of a piece to the shop that will be used in photos, displays, and as a working model to promote our design work and/or yarns we sell! 
  • A finished example means the piece is complete according to the pattern's specifications. We'll communicate the requested pattern size at the start of the project.


  • Yarn will be provided for the sample - in almost all cases, we'll ship to a home address, unless the knitter is local and a pick up/drop off is mutually arranged.
  • Knitters should keep all yarn labels/tags/ball bands. 


  • We will provide pdfs of the patterns, and a copy of the final pattern is yours to keep.

Staying in touch:

  • Communication is really important!
  • Sample knitters must be comfortable staying in touch via email and text for questions, collaborations, and updates that might come up (please, no DMs/IMs for this).
  • Knitters agree to keep us informed of progress as they go and to follow deadlines established at the start of the assignment.
  • While sample knitting isn't test knitting, knitters should let us know if they encounter issues or errors with the pattern.

Images/social media:

  • Progress pictures are great, and we hope knitters will take lots! But please, no sharing on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, etc) until we've given the ok to do so. This is especially important for sample knits of our new designs.
  • Once we've communicated that it's ok to share, knitters with a Ravelry account should create a Ravelry project page, and use any hashtags we provide for Instagram and social media.


  • Knitters must return the finished piece and any unused yarn with labels to us at the address and via the shipping method indicated (details to be provided).
  • The piece must be fully seamed (if applicable), all ends neatly woven in, washed and blocked.
  • Knitters must calculate total yardage used for project and include in communication with the returned piece.


  • Once we've received the completed piece and yardage used, and it's mutually agreed that the project is complete, the sample knitter will be compensated at a rate of 20 cents/yard, rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Example: project uses 427 yards. 427 * .20 = 85.4. Knitter receives $86.00
  • Compensation will be sent electronically (via Paypal or Venmo) so it's important that knitters are able to provide us with one of these options! 

What to expect from us:

  • Creating beautiful work that highlights the fiber we love and the designs we've created makes a huge difference to our small business. 
  • We commit to being available with timely and helpful communications, answers to questions, and respect for knitters' artistry as makers and creators.
  • We will set clear and upfront expectations about each project - the pattern, size, timeline, yarn, deadline, and mailing instructions - as well as a point person for these questions and communications throughout the project.