The Yo Yo Rainbow Sampler - a pre-printed sampler in many stripes of colors, with circles that can be filled in and stitched over - in an embroidery hoop surrounded by embroidery floss.

Dropcloth Yo Yo Rainbow Sampler

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Dropcloth Samplers is a line of hand-drawn embroidery samplers, printed and ready for you to jump in and start stitching right away! Each pattern is hand drawn by Rebecca Ringquist in her Portland, Oregon studio, and printed for you to embroider with your own color and thread choices. Rebecca describes them as coloring book pages for embroidery. There's no preparation necessary - they arrive ready to stitch!

The Yo Yo Rainbow Sampler is part of a series inspired by traditional quilt patterns! Like the Picnic Sampler and Log Cabin, it offers a brightly painted background with a quilt-inspired design, ready for you to customize with your own stitches. Yo Yo Rainbow is potentially the easiest Dropcloth Sampler, because it can use just two stitches- back stitch and running stitch. However, like all Dropcloth designs, you can customize this one with your own stitches and colors. 

What's included:

  • Preprinted cotton fabric sampler.
  • Instructions for sewing embroidered panels into functional pincushions.
  • Sampler measures approximately 9" x 11"

What you'll need:

About Rebecca and Dropcloth:

The story of Dropcloth Samplers started at Squam Art Workshops.  In the summer of 2010, on a whim, Rebecca designed and printed an embroidery sampler, and sold over a hundred of them at the Squam Art Sale. Word got around the blog-o-sphere, and one thing led to another. Why "dropcloth"?   A dropcloth is something that can get messy - a piece of fabric that you can afford to make a mistake with. You can jump in and take a risk!