Fabulous, Friendly Finn


Fiber: 100% Finnsheep wool yarn

From: Yankee Rock Farm, VT

Weight: worsted

Spin: worsted

Natural, dyed, both: natural undyed (gray and white)

What I made: Autumn Amber Pullover by Tamy Gore, main color gray and contrast color white

Pros: beautiful texture, no pilling, very soft but lots of strength, great feel on the needles, glow to the fiber, tight twist for good stitch definition. Garment is fairly lightweight, very slight drape, good fluff and bounce for worsted spun.

Cons: minor fuzzing in friction areas after multiple wears, but it's nit picky to say so; this yarn is perfection.

Hot take: A luxury fiber hardly anyone knows about - that rare unicorn of softness and strength. Toothier than merino, but still very soft, and no pilling or shedding. Good for hard-wearing garments of any kind, as well as special occasion knits. The gray has nice subtle color flecks; the white is faintly creamy depending on fleece batch but still quite clean and bright. I'd say it blooms after washing and blocking, which is true, but it's one of those yarns that looks fabulous even pre-washed.


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