Colorwork with Farm Yarn and Naturally Dyed Yarn

Hey friends!

One question I'm often asked is, how do I mix and match yarns for my colorwork projects - specifically, small-batch/farm yarns and naturally dyed yarns? How do I make sure the textures and weights of these yarns will work well together in a project, and that the naturally dyed yarn will be colorfast?

A purple short sleeved wool sweater sits folded. It has a knit yoke of flowers in a white yarn speckled with yellow and green.

I'm super lucky to live in New England, where we have a lot of choices for local yarn grown, spun and dyed right here! But as more and more farms around the country - and the world! - create online shops, we have more opportunities than ever to play with breed- and farm-specific fiber, and I love the all the texture and color options it gives us!

So I created a short video just sharing a few thoughts I had (including colorfastness with natural dyes) - I hope you'll give it a watch, share your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe if you're interested in following along!

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