Wool Wreaths

Wool Wreaths

Handmade and needlefelted, these wool wreaths are breed-specific - each one represents a special sheep breed (usually local to our area, here in New England) and offers customers a special tactile reminder of our wonderful, sustainable fibershed! 


These wreaths make beautiful Christmas decor, but are also beautiful year-round, on door hangers, hooks and walls. Add a drop or two of lavender essential oil to the wreath, and it's a handy sachet to help keep away moths from your hand knits and wool stash.


A white wreath in Romney wool from Prado de Lana in Stockbridge, MA.


The wool is wrapped around a wood ring, then trimmed with vintage ribbon and a velvet hanger.


The rustic bells are handmade and vary in shape and design; I love their sound and reminder of sheep flocks grazing on a hill!


A caramel-colored wreath in Romeldale CVM wool from my friends at Bohlayers Orchards in PA.


In winter I add cinnamon sticks (easily removed for anyone with an allergy), and in summer, I incorporate floral ribbons.


I love making every batch unique - the textures of each sheep fleece, and its color, tells me what trims and bells to use.


Shropshire wool, above, and Jacob yarn, below, sourced from champion sheep shearers and breeders Colin Siegmund and Siri Swanson of Yankee Rock Farm, VT.


Creating these wreaths is very personal, because so many of the wools I work with come from farming and shearing friends. I know them; I know their businesses and their sheep and how deeply they care about their animals and their communities.


Sharing their animals' fiber in this way lets us work together to share the sustainability of wool, its history in New England and America, and its continuing usefulness.



Shetland wool, hand-dyed from natural materials, Wing and a Prayer Farm, VT



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