Leather Goods

Leather Goods for Makers

Triangle stitch marker pouches - these were how we started our online business!

We'd been making and selling them on Etsy and in limited wholesale batches before realizing it was possible to create a business with these ... and more!


We originally made them from upcycled scrap leather, in many colors. Rose Gold (above) was a later special edition, shown with our friend Vilanha's Praktical project bag.

This design helped inspire our other leather items.





Leather craft hangers for organizing hoops, circular needles, project bags, and more.


We use heavy-duty D-ring hardware, which makes it easy to portably hang or move these collections of favorite tools around in a studio or workspace.

And finally (at least, so far!) . . .


Leather makers' pouch, colorway "Corner of the Field."

We only made this pouch in very small batches, for a short time, because they were tough to make! 

We cut all these leather items by hand, and this makers' pouch requires a set of cutting guides called French Curves that take a lot of precise handwork.

But we loved the shape and feel of these pouches; the curved lines were an elegant take on a traditional envelope, and kept small items like embroidery needles secure in the pouch. Again, hardware came from local Newburyport.



The curved folds also made these pouches surprisingly deep and roomy! Scissors, measuring tape and more could easily fit.




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